Lomak - A Tradition Of Excellence

Forest Industry

Lomak is ideally suited to serve the forest industry. Whether it is chips, hog fuel, sawdust, shavings, or lumber, we can do it reliably, on time, and at competitive costs.

Mining Industry

With bulk transport for the mining industry making approximately half of the company’s business our technicians are used to coming up with innovative solutions to fit our clients’ needs.

Special Services

When Lomak promises to take on the total job and provide special service – we actually mean it! We’ll make trailers fit terminal requirements. We design and build completely new trailer configurations to haul concentrates one way and fuel on the return trip.

Road Maintenance

We have modern, well maintained equipment and our experienced crews are ready to build roads into new work sites or maintain existing roads to a high standard, year round, thereby helping to keep transportation costs down.


Lomak Bulk Carriers Corp.

Lomak is an innovative transport bulk transportation company serving the mining and forestry industry. We are determined to form long lasting relationships with our clients, and dedicated to designing transport systems that benefit the operations of our clients.

During the 40 years of Lomak’s operations this principle has led to continually implement improvements, adapt to an ever changing market, and hone our skills in system development to a degree that cannot be achieved overnight.


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